Commentary: Exercise addiction, when life dangerously revolves around your fitness schedule

A fixation with workout can trigger considerable distress, state scientists Katinka van de Ven and Ornella Corazza. ( Image: Pexels/ Victor Freitas). SYDNEY: Exercise feels great and it’s excellent for your health. It can decrease your threat of establishing persistent conditions like Type 2 diabetes, enhance your bones, muscles and joints, and can even assist … Read more

Sitting for long periods may sabotage the benefits of exercise

Individuals who sat for extended periods and took less than 4,00 steps a day established metabolic issues, even if they worked out, according to a research study. ( Picture: Unsplash/Brooke Cagle). Sitting for the majority of the day might make us resistant to the typical metabolic advantages of workout, according to a little however stressing … Read more

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