Workplace wellness programs yield unimpressive results in short term

Weighing in on work environment health care. Worksites providing a health care had an 8.3 portion point greater rate of staff members who reported participating in routine workout. Steve-Buissinne/Pixabay Might alter particular habits however will not enhance absence, period, or task efficiency Office health care have actually been promoted as an effective tool that can … Read more

Workplace Wellness Programs Change Some Behaviors But Not Outcomes

Work environment health can indicate various things in various locations, however brand-new research study recommends standard programs are ineffective. (Credit: Twentieth Century Fox) Ends up work environment health care wear ’ t work so well. According to a massive research study over 18 months– the very first of its kind to study the concern– efforts … Read more

What are the best full-body exercises?

People may describe muscle-strengthening exercises as being upper body, lower body, or core exercises. However, there are also various exercises that work most of a person’s muscles at once. A full-body exercise uses a variety of muscle groups in a person’s body, rather than just one. No exercise will work every muscle, but these exercises … Read more

Relationship benefits can be seen in your eyes: The presence of a spouse provides immediate stress protection

The researchers used an infrared camera to continuously measure pupil diameter, which is a direct signal of the body’s physiological stress response. Credit: Jaren WIlkey, BYU Turns out that relationships are the secret to keeping calm and carrying on. BYU psychology professor Wendy Birmingham’s lab used an infrared camera to put an innovative twist on … Read more

Commentary: How instant noodles became a symbol of workaholics everywhere

Originally invented to solve world hunger, the humble instant ramen has come to represent sustenance for those who are too busy to eat proper meals, says Karen Tee. (Photo: Unsplash/@charlesdeluvio) SINGAPORE: My love for instant noodles began when I was a teenager. A latchkey kid through my secondary school and junior college years, instant noodles … Read more

Real cost of heart attacks and strokes: Double the direct medical expense

The full financial cost of a heart attack or stroke is twice as much as the medical costs when lost work time for patients and caregivers is included. That’s the finding of research published today, World Health Day, in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).1 The … Read more

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