Agoraphobia: Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and outlook

Agoraphobia is a stress and anxiety condition that manifests as a worry of circumstances where escape might be challenging, or in which assistance would not be readily available if something bad were to take place. The word originates from the ancient Greek word “agora,” describing a location of assembly or market location. The condition is … Read more

IBS: Telephone- and web-based CBT relieve symptoms

The usual treatment for irritable bowel syndrome consists of drugs and advice on lifestyle and diet. Now, a new study suggests that giving interactive web-based or telephone-based cognitive behavioral therapy on top of usual care can reduce symptoms more effectively than standard care alone for those whose IBS is not responding to drugs.New research suggests … Read more

What are the effects of marijuana on the body?

Marijuana is the dried and ground up or shredded parts of the cannabis plant. Nearly all parts of the plant make up marijuana, including the leaves, stem, flowers, and seeds. As with other medications and procedures, marijuana use can potentially bring both positive and negative effects. Many of marijuana’s effects are short-term, meaning that they … Read more

People are living longer despite care inequalities

The World Health Organization report that life expectancy has increased by 5 years, but data show inequalities in access to health services among countries. A new global report finds that people are living longer, despite disparities in healthcare access. The World Health Statistics series is an annual snapshot of global health compiled by the World … Read more

Ebola spread concentrated in Congo, not a wider emergency: WHO

An outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that has killed more than 700 people and is continuing to spread does not constitute an international emergency, the World Health Organization said on Friday. FILE PHOTO: Health workers carry a newly admitted confirmed Ebola patient into a treatment centre in Butembo in the … Read more

Commentary: High stress levels a silent culprit behind diabetes

Diabetes is a multi-faceted disease that can be caused by other factors apart from the consumption of sugary drinks or sweet treats, says NTU’s Professor Bernhard Boehm. (Photo: Unsplash/Christian Erfurt) SINGAPORE: Whether it is replying to a work email or playing the next game of Candy Crush, you might want to keep your smartphone away … Read more

Ebola death toll in DRC passes 750: WHO

Toll: Three people on a motorbike carry a cross for a grave in Ebola-hit North Kivu. (Photo: AFP/John WESSELS) GENEVA: The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has killed more than 750 people, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday (Apr 12), ahead of a key review on the severity of the epidemic. WHO’s … Read more

The Source of That Mysterious E. Coli Outbreak Has Likely Been Found

Credit: Shutterstock The mystery behind what's causing the Escherichia coli outbreak that's sickened more than 100 Americans in the past month may finally be solved: Officials have linked the outbreak to ground beef. In a statement released today (April 12), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that, based on interviews with the sick … Read more

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