Hearing loss tied to increased risk for depression

SUBMIT IMAGE: A senior resident using a listening devices participates in an activity session run by ACTive Age Malta at Hill Gardens retirement town in Naxxar, Malta, July 3,2017 (Picture: Reuters/Darrin Zammit Lupi/File Picture). CRAWLEY, Australia: Older grownups with hearing loss might be most likely than peers without hearing trouble to establish signs of anxiety, … Read more

Acoustic neuroma (Schwannoma): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

An acoustic neuroma is a noncancerous or benign growth that impacts the nerves ranging from the inner ear to the brain. It stops the nerves that are accountable for hearing and balance from working effectively, leading to hearing loss and ringing in the ears, or calling in the ears. In the later phases, an acoustic … Read more

The best home remedies for hair growth

Hair development depends upon a number of aspects, consisting of an individual’s hereditary history. Nevertheless, there are some natural home remedy that might assist. Whether an individual is attempting to avoid loss of hair or motivate more development, understanding some suggestions on diet plan and how to deal with the hair can assist them attain … Read more

Scientists Discover Genes Causing Age-Related Hearing Loss

Researchers are simply beginning to unwind the hereditary reasons for age-related hearing loss. (Credit: Tish1/Shutterstock) Although our ears grow as we age, our hearing tends to fade. This paradoxical issue prevails and gets gradually even worse the older we get. An approximated 25 percent of Americans in between the ages of 65 and 74 have … Read more

Large-scale screen of mouse mutants reveals 38 new genes involved in hearing loss

A large-scale screen of mouse mutants has revealed multiple new genes involved in hearing loss, according to a study publishing April 11 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology by Karen Steel of King’s College London and the Wellcome Sanger Institute, and colleagues. The new genes identified reveal metabolic pathways and regulatory processes involved in hearing … Read more

Mice reveal 38 new genes involved in hearing loss

Organ of Corti whole-mount image, with sensory hair cells labelled with Myo7a antibody (red) showing 3 rows of outer hair cells (top) and one row of inner hair cells (bottom). Nuclei labelled with DAPI (blue). Credit: Elisa Martelletti Multiple new genes involved in hearing loss have been revealed in a large study of mouse mutants … Read more

This is how sleep loss alters emotional perception

What does sleep deprivation do to the way in which we perceive various emotional stimuli? A researcher from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden has written a thesis aiming to answer this question. Sleep deprivation makes us more likely to have negative emotional perceptions. Ever felt grumpy after a sleepless night? When we do not manage … Read more

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