Biophotonic therapy eliminates bacteria and viruses from organs before transplantation

Pig lung being irradiated with red light to inactivate viruses. Method developed by scientists in Brazil and Canada can prevent transmission of diseases to organ recipients. Credit: Cristina Kurachi A new technique for the decontamination of organs before transplantation using ultraviolet and red light irradiation has been developed by Brazilian and Canadian researchers and is … Read more

Specific criteria needed for different types of myeloma

Drs. Won S. Lee and Gurmukh Singh. Credit: Phil Jones, Senior Photographer, Augusta University When our plasma cells start producing a single cancer-causing protein rather than an array of antibody-like proteins to protect us, it’s one of two arms of the Y-shaped protein that’s likely to blame. While increased numbers of either arm, called kappa … Read more

Detecting pollution with a compact laser source

Detecting pollution with a compact laser source. Credit: Alain Herzog / EPFL Researchers at EPFL have come up with a new middle infrared light source that can detect greenhouse and other gases, as well as molecules in a person’s breath. The compact system, which resembles a tiny suitcase, contains just two parts: a standard laser … Read more

Harvard researchers convert photons; could be used to fight cancer

Seeing things in a different light Dan Congreve works in his lab at the Rowland Institute. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer System converts low-energy photons to high-energy, could be used in a host of applications For years, people have used near-infrared light for everything from night vision to remote controls, but Dan Congreve and his co-workers … Read more

Fighting ‘superbugs’ with blue light

Researchers are hunting for innovative ways to fight ‘superbugs.’ A recent study finds that blue light can weaken these pathogens making them more susceptible to destruction by standard antiseptics.Blue light could be a new weapon against drug-resistant bacteria. Antibiotic resistance is on the rise, globally; this means that antibiotics that once treated certain infections no … Read more

Spin lasers facilitate rapid data transfer

The polarization describes a light wave’s oscillation direction. Linear polarization (red, blue): the vector describing the light wave’s electric field oscillates in a fixed plane. Circular polarization can be described by a superposition of two linear perpendicularly polarized light waves. The electric field vector rotates around the propagation direction. If the frequencies of the overlapping … Read more

Photons trained for optical fiber obstacle course will deliver stronger cyber security

Pictured here is a device developed in the NUS-Singtel Cyber Security R&D Lab that creates particles of light, known as photons, that are connected by the quantum property of entanglement. Credit: National University of Singapore Beneath many cities are complex networks of optical fibres that carry data, encoded in pulses of light, to offices and … Read more

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