For its health and yours, keep the cat indoors: Study

Animal felines enabled outdoors are almost 3 times as most likely to end up being contaminated with pathogens or parasites than those restricted to quarters. Submit image of a domestic feline. (Picture: AFP/Mandel Ngan). PARIS: A minimum of one running argument amongst feline enthusiasts is now over: Hairs, Lucy and Tigger are absolutely much better … Read more

Scientists ‘print’ 3D heart using patient’s tissue

Though 3D printing has superior in leaps and bounds over the previous few years, utilizing it to print functioning human organs continues to be a far-flung dream. Lately, nevertheless, scientists have introduced this dream one step nearer.A 3D-printed coronary heart engineered from the affected person’s personal tissues and cells.Picture credit score: Superior Science 2019 The … Read more

Artificial intelligence singles out neurons faster than a human can

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have developed an automated process that can trace the shapes of active neurons as accurately as human researchers can, but in a fraction of the time. This new technique, based on using artificial intelligence to interpret video images, addresses a critical roadblock in neuron analysis, allowing researchers to rapidly gather … Read more

Researchers identify rare SRC-1 gene variants related to human obesity

Maintaining a healthy body weight is no simple matter. A better understanding of how the body regulates appetite could help tip the scale toward the healthy side. Contributing toward this goal, a team led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Cambridge reports in the journal Nature Communications that the gene … Read more

A future ‘human brain/cloud interface’ will give people instant access to vast knowledge via thought alone

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Imagine a future technology that would provide instant access to the world’s knowledge and artificial intelligence, simply by thinking about a specific topic or question. Communications, education, work, and the world as we know it would be transformed. Writing in Frontiers in Neuroscience, an international collaboration led by researchers at UC … Read more

AMSBIO announces new concept to culture cells without using serum

AMSBIO announces XerumFree™ – a new concept in cell culture that allows you to culture cells without the use of serum. XerumFree™ has been developed taking into account what is missing in traditional basal cell culture media to sustain growth of all cell types, which is a nutritional approach at the cellular level. Containing no … Read more

Bacteria share genes with one another, even across tissue boundaries

Bacteria in the human body are sharing genes with one another at a higher rate than is typically seen in nature, and some of those genes appear to be traveling – independent of their microbial hosts – from one part of the body to another, researchers report in the journal Scientific Reports. The findings are … Read more

Chinese researchers add human brain-related gene to monkey genome in controversial experiment

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A team of researchers working in China has created several transgenic rhesus monkeys by adding a human gene involved in brain growth to the monkey’s genome. In their paper published in the National Science Review, the group describes their work and the testing they conducted on the monkeys after they were … Read more

Researchers develop new method for identifying compounds that prevent aging

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have developed a new method for identifying compounds that prevent aging. The method is based on a new way of determining age in cultured human cells and is reported in a study in the journal Cell Reports. Using the method, the researchers found a group of candidate substances that … Read more

Researchers identify ‘beauty spots’ in the genome: Genome-wide association study finds the impact of genes underlying facial beauty varies by sex

Genes play a role in determining the beauty of a person’s face, but that role varies with the person’s sex, according to a new study by Qiongshi Lu and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, published 4th April in PLOS Genetics. Humans tend to be preoccupied with beauty — a person’s attractiveness is associated with … Read more

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