The Source of That Mysterious E. Coli Outbreak Has Likely Been Found

Credit: Shutterstock The mystery behind what's causing the Escherichia coli outbreak that's sickened more than 100 Americans in the past month may finally be solved: Officials have linked the outbreak to ground beef. In a statement released today (April 12), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that, based on interviews with the sick … Read more

High-protein diet: Foods and how to do it

People looking to lose weight often decide to adopt a high-protein diet. Eating protein helps a person feel full, which can lead to them eating fewer calories overall. High-protein diets typically include large quantities of protein and only a small amount of carbohydrate. Most people can follow a high-protein diet by eating meat, fish, dairy … Read more

Scientists locate brain circuit that curbs overeating

The brain has complex circuitry that locks appetite to memories of finding and enjoying food. This drives the feeding behaviors necessary for survival. New research reveals that the circuits include one mechanism that does the opposite: curbing the compulsion to eat in response to food. ‘People may be able to learn to change their relationship … Read more

Even a low intake of red and processed meat may raise death risk

The connection between eating large amounts of red or processed meat and certain diseases is well-known, but a new study suggests that consuming even a small amount of these foods could be risky. New research suggests that eating red meat even occasionally may shorten life. The world is eating more meat. The global consumption of … Read more

Scientists develop new imaging technology to visualize cells’ eating habits

Scientists have developed a new imaging technology to visualize what cells eat, which could aid the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer. The team has designed chemical probes that light up when they attach to specific molecules that cells eat, such as glucose. Researchers used microscopes to watch cells eating glucose inside live … Read more

How Whole Grains Could Help Your Liver

Credit: Shutterstock ATLANTA — Eating whole grains and cereal may reduce the risk of liver cancer. That's according to findings presented Tuesday (April 1) here at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). Eating a diet rich in whole grains and dietary fiber has been linked to numerous health benefits, including … Read more

Commentary: Can eating certain foods make you smarter?

A healthy diet is not only the key to maintaining physical health; it also plays a critical role in our cognitive functions, the University of New South Wales’ Professor Margaret Morris and Michael Kendig point out. Food for brunch (Photo: Unsplash/Rachel Park) SYDNEY: Trying to keep up with what constitutes a “healthy” diet can be exhausting. … Read more

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