Regular Users of Marijuana Can Require More Sedatives During Medical Procedures

Marijuana’s interplay with different medicine remains to be poorly understood. (Credit score: Shutterstock) Growing numbers of Individuals are utilizing marijuana. In some states, acquiring marijuana is as straightforward as strolling right into a retailer and selecting out what catches the attention in a glass show case. However at the same time as states transfer to legalize leisure and … Read more

Actinomycosis: Causes, types, symptoms, and diagnosis

Actinomycosis is a uncommon, infectious illness wherein micro organism unfold from one a part of the physique to a different by physique tissues. Over time, it can lead to linked abscesses, ache, and irritation. It might probably have an effect on the pores and skin or deeper areas inside the physique and generally the blood. … Read more

Artificial intelligence singles out neurons faster than a human can

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have developed an automated process that can trace the shapes of active neurons as accurately as human researchers can, but in a fraction of the time. This new technique, based on using artificial intelligence to interpret video images, addresses a critical roadblock in neuron analysis, allowing researchers to rapidly gather … Read more

A new role for sensory signals in the brain discovered

Learning how to tie a shoe or shoot a basketball isn't easy, but the brain somehow integrates sensory signals that are critical to coordinating movements so you can get it right. Left: A diagram showing connections between the motor and sensory areas of the cerebral cortex to the striatum. Right: A schematic of the opposite … Read more

Bacteria share genes with one another, even across tissue boundaries

Bacteria in the human body are sharing genes with one another at a higher rate than is typically seen in nature, and some of those genes appear to be traveling – independent of their microbial hosts – from one part of the body to another, researchers report in the journal Scientific Reports. The findings are … Read more

Disposable parts of plants mutate more quickly

Peach flowers (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch) from a tree studied in the paper referred to as DHQ1. Credit: Laurence D. Hurst Mutation rates are proposed to be a pragmatic balance struck between the harmful effects of mutations and the costs of suppressing them; this hypothesis predicts that longer-lived body parts and those that contribute to … Read more

Characterizing Small Molecules with NMR

insights from industryMarcel LachenmannSenior Applications SpecialistOxford Instruments NMR An interview with Marcel Lachenmann, describing the importance of characterizing small molecules in the pharma, food and polymer industry and how NMR achieves this, conducted at MRS 2018 by Alina Shrourou BSc. Please outline what information researchers want to gain from the “characterization” of molecules. There are … Read more

Don’t Believe the Hemp: UHPLC Analysis of Hemp Seed Oils

What's really in your hemp oil? Although hemp and cannabis are vastly different in terms of their chemical properties and uses, their shared origin can lead to unwanted components present in hemp products. It is therefore imperative for manufacturers to determine the cannabinoid profile of commercially available hemp seed oil products. Despite the popularity of … Read more

An EEG to assess a baby’s developmental risk?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Does exposure to stress early in life affect a baby’s brain development, and is there a way to single out babies who might benefit from early intervention? A two-center study led by Boston Children’s Hospital, published today in JAMA Pediatrics, used brain EEGs to begin to get at these questions in … Read more

Fresh guidance to fill ‘information vacuum’ on new cannabis products for medicinal use

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A clinical review, published today for the BMJ, provides new interim advice for doctors and clinicians in prescribing cannabis-based products and cannabinoids to treat certain conditions. Since a policy change in November 2018, specialist doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), have been permitted to prescribe new medicines which derive … Read more

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