Anti-inflammatory diet: Food list and tips

The human body uses inflammation to help fight illness and also protect areas from further harm. In most cases, inflammation is a necessary part of the healing process. However, some medical conditions cause faulty inflammatory responses. These are called chronic inflammatory diseases. One of the best measures a person can take to prevent or reduce … Read more

High-protein diet: Foods and how to do it

People looking to lose weight often decide to adopt a high-protein diet. Eating protein helps a person feel full, which can lead to them eating fewer calories overall. High-protein diets typically include large quantities of protein and only a small amount of carbohydrate. Most people can follow a high-protein diet by eating meat, fish, dairy … Read more

Men who eat a healthy diet cut risk of physical impairment by 25 percent

Healthy diet helps older men maintain physical function A new study shows that older men who maintain healthier diets are 25 percent less likely to develop physical impairment with aging. Pixabay Associated with 25 percent lower likelihood of developing age-related impairments A person’s ability to maintain independence and physically care for themselves is an essential … Read more

Vegans have a ‘healthier biomarker profile’

A recent study examined how dietary choices affect the levels of beneficial biomarkers in the body. The team was particularly interested in the impact of a plant-based diet. Does eating a vegetarian diet leave traces in the tissues of the body? Over recent years, vegetarianism and veganism have experienced a boost in popularity. Although people … Read more

Poor diet linked to 1 in 5 deaths globally: Study

(Photo: Unsplash) PARIS: One in five deaths globally are linked to poor diet, experts said Thursday (Apr 4), warning that overconsumption of sugar, salt and meat was killing millions of people every year. The United Nations estimates that nearly a billion people worldwide are malnourished, while nearly two billion are “overnourished”. But the latest study on … Read more

Experts gather at Harvard to discuss future food solutions

How to feed 10 billion by midcentury A panel of experts including Anna Sortun (from left), David Bennell, Gina McCarthy, and Walter Willett, gathered at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to discuss the future of sustainably feeding the world. Sarah Sholes/Harvard Chan School Plan on less meat, more plants, and … err … Read more

Cancer: Are probiotics making immunotherapy less effective?

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment with several benefits. For this reason, improving its effectiveness is vital. In studying the gut microbiome, scientists have found some rather unusual results. Probiotic supplements may hinder cancer treatment. Cancer immunotherapy is a relatively young field. However, it has the potential for long-term remission and less likely side effects. According … Read more

Keto diet: A ‘cheat day’ may undo benefits and damage blood vessels

New research shows that people who follow a keto diet to lose weight or treat diabetes should avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. New research explores the effects of having a ‘cheat’ day on the keto diet. Diets require discipline, and it is not always easy for people to follow them without indulging in … Read more

Poor diet biggest risk factor for early deaths worldwide

A major study has found that unhealthful eating is responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other risk factor, including smoking.A diet low in nutrients may cause more deaths worldwide than smoking or other unhealthful habits, suggests new research. The Global Burden of Disease Study looked at dietary consumption between 1990 and 2017 in 195 … Read more

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