Students present projects at HILT Education Innovation Showcase

‘ Everybody is an instructor’. ColorFULL creators Yasmene Mumby (from left), Bonnie Lo, and Charisse Taylor provide a flash speak about their partnership efforts with teachers and their trainees to develop culturally verifying literacy, audio, and visual material and curriculum. Image by Cassie McGrath Projects established by grant recipients provided at Education Development Display More … Read more

Finalists named in Harvard’s annual Innovation Challenge

Increasing to the Difficulty. The President ' s Development Difficulty finalists commemorate the statement. Image by Mark James Finalists called for yearly President’s Development awards The Harvard Development Labs just recently revealed the 20 finalists for this year’s President’s Development Difficulty. The difficulty brings the Harvard neighborhood together to engage with pushing problems dealing with … Read more

The best home remedies for hair growth

Hair development depends upon a number of aspects, consisting of an individual’s hereditary history. Nevertheless, there are some natural home remedy that might assist. Whether an individual is attempting to avoid loss of hair or motivate more development, understanding some suggestions on diet plan and how to deal with the hair can assist them attain … Read more

Acromegaly: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Acromegaly is a uncommon situation that outcomes from extreme development hormone within the physique. It’s normally because of a pituitary gland tumor, often known as a pituitary adenoma. Progress hormone (GH) is often produced by the pituitary gland within the mind. Extreme quantities may end up if a tumor develops within the gland. Acromegaly impacts … Read more

Mode of delivery alters infants’ gut microbiota and this may impact respiratory health in first year of life

New research being presented at this year’s European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (13-16 April), suggests that mode of delivery influences the development of the microbial composition of the gut (i.e. the gut microbiota) in infants, independently of a mother’s use of antibiotics. This, in turn, may affect … Read more

Anesthesia sends neurons down the wrong path in unborn rat babies

Study: Anesthesia disrupts the ‘precisely choreographed’ migration neurons make in developing brains. Preventing them from ‘arriving at their proper and predetermined’ locations can have profound impact on brain development. Credit: Dr. Vicko Gluncic, MD, PhD While there has long been discussion whether exposure to anesthesia affects brain development, new Rush University Medical Center research published … Read more

Chinese researchers add human brain-related gene to monkey genome in controversial experiment

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A team of researchers working in China has created several transgenic rhesus monkeys by adding a human gene involved in brain growth to the monkey’s genome. In their paper published in the National Science Review, the group describes their work and the testing they conducted on the monkeys after they were … Read more

Famous cancer-fighting gene also protects against birth defects

Credit: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute New research has revealed how the famous tumour suppressor gene p53 is surprisingly critical for development of the neural tube in female embryos. This is important because healthy development of the neural tube is needed for the brain and the spinal cord to form properly. The study, published today … Read more

Study examines how developmental changes modified the reptiles’ snouts

Facing crocodiles head-on CT scans of embryonic skulls of the dwarf African crocodile, American alligator, and false gharial. Research demonstrates that the diversity of skull shapes found today is the result of a "very flexible developmental tool kit." Courtesy of Zachary S. Morris Study examines how evolution modified the long-surviving reptiles’ snouts The story that’s … Read more

Harvard study finds cells recall their early development

Cells recall the way they were Illustration by Judy Blomquist/Harvard Staff Adult tissues retain — and can recover — a memory of their early development, which might be a game-changer for cancer and regenerative medicine When cells grow up, they remember their childhoods. A new study has found that adult cells keep a record of … Read more

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