Modern humans interbred with multiple Denisovan populations, suggests study

The findings are based on a new study led by Murray Cox from Massey University in New Zealand and made possible by sampling efforts led by Herawati Sudoyo from the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology in Jakarta, Indonesia. The data were collected and analyzed by an international team of researchers, including Mark Stoneking from the … Read more

A future ‘human brain/cloud interface’ will give people instant access to vast knowledge via thought alone

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Imagine a future technology that would provide instant access to the world’s knowledge and artificial intelligence, simply by thinking about a specific topic or question. Communications, education, work, and the world as we know it would be transformed. Writing in Frontiers in Neuroscience, an international collaboration led by researchers at UC … Read more

Future Healthcare 2019: A brief review

This week, Medical News Today attended the Future Healthcare Exhibition and Conference. Delegates presented us with technology, both new and old, destined to push healthcare forward. Future Healthcare is an annual event that takes place in London in the United Kingdom. It is a showcase of international innovation in the healthcare space. This year, over … Read more

Pipettes of the Future: Automation for Acceleration

insights from industryPiero Zucchelli & Nigel SkinnerCEO & Director of MarketingAndrew Alliance An interview with Piero Zucchelli and Nigel Skinner from Andrew Alliance, discussing the development of a series of automated pipettes that wirelessly collate data, so you don’t have to! Automation lies at the heart of Andrew Alliance. Why do you consider this to … Read more

New Metascape platform enables biologists to unlock big-data insights

For the modern biologist, large-scale OMICs studies — which map all of the genes, proteins, RNA and more that underlie a biological system — are standard tools of the trade. But interpreting these big-data outputs to generate meaningful information is far from routine: Analyzing the results requires sophisticated tools and highly trained computational scientists. These … Read more

Advance boosts efficiency of flash storage in data centers: New architecture promises to cut in half the energy and physical space required to store and manage user data

MIT researchers have designed a novel flash-storage system that could cut in half the energy and physical space required for one of the most expensive components of data centers: data storage. Data centers are server farms that facilitate communication between users and web services, and are some of the most energy-consuming facilities in the world. … Read more

Researchers estimate it takes approximately 1.5 megabytes of data to store language information in the brain

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A pair of researchers, one with the University of Rochester the other the University of California has found that combining all the data necessary to store and use the English language in the brain adds up to approximately 1.5 megabytes. In their paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, … Read more

Harvard Business School’s Robin Greenwood discusses the stock market plunge

The stock market goes off-road New York Stock Exchange Trader Frederick Reimer reacts as the Dow Jones industrial plunged on Monday. Photo by Richard Drew/AP Unexpected bumps suggest new forces in play; Business School professor mulls what they may be After years of robust growth so steady that it often seemed endless, U.S. financial markets … Read more

In health care, AI offers promise — and hype

The algorithm will see you now Ashley Nunes, a fellow at Harvard Law School, speaks during The Harvard Global Health Institute conference on AI in health care. Photos by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer Symposium examines promise, hype of artificial intelligence in health care In 2016, a Google team announced it had used artificial intelligence to … Read more

Researchers find link between locus of control in adolescents and use of tobacco and alcohol

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A team of researchers from the University of Bristol and AstraZeneca has found what they describe as a link between the “locus of control” (LoC) in adolescents and their use of tobacco and alcohol. In their paper published in Royal Society Open Science, the group describes their study of data from … Read more

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