Yale study revives cellular activity in pig brains hours after death

SUBMIT IMAGE: Pigs are seen on a pig farm in Rabacsecseny, Hungary, May 31,2018 Photo taken May 31,2018 (Image: Reuters/Bernadett Szabo). BRAND-NEW SANCTUARY: Yale University researchers have actually been successful in bring back fundamental cellular activity in pigs’ brains hours after their deaths in a finding that might one day cause advances in dealing with … Read more

Harvard unveils new technique 60 times faster than traditional fMRI

Seeing brain activity in ‘practically actual time’. Scientists from Brigham and Women’s Healthcare facility, King’s College London, and other organizations have actually established a method for determining brain activity that’s 60 times faster than conventional fMRI. iStock Brand-new method tracks brain function 60 times faster than conventional fMRI The speed of the human brain is … Read more

Stimulating brain with ultrasound can influence decisions

A noninvasive, low-intensity ultrasound approach that targets afferent neuron, or nerve cells, can modify brain function to affect decision-making. New research study demonstrates how a brain location called the anterior cingulate cortex manages a kind of thinking called counterfactual thinking. Researchers have actually shown the strategy in a current research study, in which they interfered … Read more

Child abuse, recurrent depression linked to similar changes in brain

Picture illustration of kid abuse. (Picture: Gaya Chandramohan). BERLIN: Abuse throughout youth might trigger physical modifications to the human brain that in turn might render grownups more susceptible to anxiety, research study recommends. In their research study of individuals with significant depressive condition, 2 different elements of clients’ history were both related to changes in … Read more

Family of woman in vegetative state after brain operation sues NUH, head neurosurgeon

Submit picture of an outside view of the National University Healthcare Facility in Singapore. SINGAPORE: The household of a female who fell under a vegetative state after a brain operation is taking legal action against National University Health center (NUH) and its head neurosurgeon over their supposed medical carelessness. Madam Goh Guan Sin, now 64, … Read more

Is there a link between stroke and changes in gut bacteria?

Brand-new research study examines whether a stroke can impact the variety of bacterial populations in the gut and whether these modifications might affect the brain’s healing procedure. A stroke can trigger modifications in gut germs that might last for a very long time and effect health results. The Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance (CDC) … Read more

REM sleep: Definition, functions, the effects of alcohol, and disorders

Throughout sleep, the brain moves through 5 various phases. Among these phases is rapid-eye-movement sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Throughout this stage, the eyes move quickly in different instructions. The other 4 stages are described as non-REM (NREM) sleep. Individuals go into Rapid Eye Movement within the very first 90 minutes of going to sleep … Read more

I feel you: Emotional mirror neurons found in rats

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience have found that the rat brain activates the same cells when they observe the pain of others as when they experience pain themselves. In addition, without the activity of these mirror neurons, the animals no longer share the pain of others. Finding the neural … Read more

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