REM sleep: Definition, functions, the effects of alcohol, and disorders

Throughout sleep, the brain moves through 5 various phases. Among these phases is rapid-eye-movement sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Throughout this stage, the eyes move quickly in different instructions. The other 4 stages are described as non-REM (NREM) sleep. Individuals go into Rapid Eye Movement within the very first 90 minutes of going to sleep … Read more

Social Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Credit: peresanz/Shutterstock Being uneasy in situations like a first date or a job interview is quite normal and happens to everyone. But when that nervousness escalates into a feeling of extreme discomfort, dread or apprehension about normal social interactions, it can result in a diagnosis of social anxiety disorder. Also known as social phobia, social … Read more

Alcohol, Cannabis and Other Drugs: A Pharmacological Evaluation

The abuse of alcohol and other drugs like narcotics, sedatives and stimulants continues to be a major global public health concern. This international crisis is further heightened by the tendency of many users to poly-drug abuse, which is a condition defined as the simultaneous or successive abuse of more than one drug or type of … Read more

Alcohol use disorder: Brain damage may progress despite sobriety

A new study goes against the grain of previous research by suggesting that alcohol-induced brain damage does not stop when alcohol use ends. Instead, the harmful effects of alcohol may continue during abstinence. The findings have important implications for the process of recovery from alcohol dependence. The effects of excessive alcohol use may last much … Read more

‘Even moderate alcohol consumption increases stroke risk’

Some research has suggested that drinking alcohol in moderation could have protective effects against stroke. However, a large cohort study in a Chinese population shows that this is not the case at all. A large new cohort study emphasizes that any alcohol intake can increase the risk of stroke. We know that alcohol consumption can … Read more

Researchers find link between locus of control in adolescents and use of tobacco and alcohol

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A team of researchers from the University of Bristol and AstraZeneca has found what they describe as a link between the “locus of control” (LoC) in adolescents and their use of tobacco and alcohol. In their paper published in Royal Society Open Science, the group describes their study of data from … Read more

Major study debunks myth that moderate drinking can be healthy

FILE PHOTO: An employee pours whisky in a glass at a restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, October 18, 2018. REUTERS/Samrang Pring LONDON: Blood pressure and stroke risk rise steadily the more alcohol people drink, and previous claims that one or two drinks a day might protect against stroke are not true, according to the results … Read more

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