Study shows traditional six-month dental check-ups not necessary for healthy adults

Credit score: CC0 Public Area A brand new overview offers reassurance to sufferers who’ve missed routine dental check-ups because of COVID-19 restrictions by exhibiting that six-monthly check-up appointments don’t enhance oral well being. A Dundee group, led by the College of Dentistry’s Patrick Payment, in collaboration with the College of Manchester and Cochrane Oral Well … Read more

Research team discovers molecular processes in kidney cells that attract and feed COVID-19

Though the lungs are a standard goal for COVID-19’s cytokine storm, so are the kidneys, making the 1 in four U.S. adults with diabetes leading to diabetic kidney illness at elevated danger for virus mortality. However why are the kidneys so enticing to the coronavirus? Not too long ago revealed in Kidney Worldwide, a nationwide … Read more

Superbug may be spreading in hospitals overrun with COVID-19 | Live Science

By Nicoletta Lanese – Employees Author 24 October 2020 Shares (Picture: © Shutterstock) As COVID-19 hospitalizations proceed to surge world wide, one other harmful an infection might also be sickening sufferers: a drug-resistant superbug referred to as Candida auris, Nationwide Geographic reported. The superbug is a yeast that may infect the ears and open wounds, … Read more

Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent COVID-19 in health care workers, trial shows: First randomized clinical trial to evaluate hydroxychloroquine as pre-exposure prophylaxis in health care workers

College of Minnesota Medical Faculty doctor researchers studied hydroxychloroquine as a remedy to forestall COVID-19 for these with high-risk for publicity to the virus — well being care employees. The pre-exposure prophylaxis trial outcomes, which have been revealed in Scientific Infectious Illnesses, decided that taking 400mg of hydroxychloroquine a couple of times weekly didn’t stop … Read more

PTSD and alcohol abuse go hand-in-hand, but males and females exhibit symptoms differently: In rodent experiments modeled to mimic real-life circumstances, scientists revealed brain mechanisms that could lead to targeted treatments.

By intricate experiments designed to account for sex-specific variations, scientists at Scripps Analysis have collaborated to zero in on sure adjustments within the mind that could be answerable for driving alcohol abuse amongst individuals with post-traumatic stress dysfunction, or PTSD. In research with rodents, researchers discovered that women and men exhibit their very own distinct … Read more

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