Gut feelings help promote positive body image: Study finds association between feeling full and positive body image

New analysis has discovered that paying larger consideration to inner bodily sensations can improve our appreciation of our personal our bodies.

The research, led by Jennifer Todd of Anglia Ruskin College (ARU) and printed within the journal Physique Picture, targeted on gastric interoception, that are the sentiments of starvation or fullness that originate within the intestine.

The researchers carried out an experiment involving 191 adults within the UK and Malaysia fasting after which consuming water.

They measured each the amount of water consumed in relation to abdomen capability, and the sentiments and experiences of the adults through the activity. This included finishing questionnaires analyzing completely different features of physique picture, reminiscent of appreciation of the physique and appreciation of the physique’s performance.

Physique picture refers to appearance-related ideas and emotions, and optimistic physique picture refers particularly to an energetic love, respect, and appreciation for one’s physique.

The research discovered {that a} larger change within the depth of emotions within the intestine after consuming water was related to considerably larger ranges of appreciation of the physique and appreciation of the physique’s performance for adults in each the UK and Malaysia.

Lead creator Jennifer Todd, a Psychology PhD pupil at Anglia Ruskin College (ARU), stated: “Our research reveals a transparent hyperlink between bodily consciousness, on this case the sensation of fullness, and physique picture. In different phrases, people who find themselves extra in tune with their physique’s inner workings have a larger appreciation of their physique generally. Curiously, we discovered that this hyperlink exists in two very completely different nations.

“We expect that larger sensitivity to gastric alerts would possibly improve consciousness of the optimistic features the physique performs and enhance the power to reply to the physique’s wants, each of which promote optimistic physique picture.

“People who’re much less in tune with inner stimuli, reminiscent of feeling full, might be extra prone to growing detrimental physique picture, attributable to an over-reliance on exterior, appearance-related traits reminiscent of form and measurement.

“It’s potential that physique picture could be promoted by encouraging individuals to be extra conscious of inner sensations, reminiscent of feeling full. Intestine emotions could be good for you!”


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